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After 4 years of trying to be dog people it is time to find a new home for Penny (much to the disappointment of her human siblings who are tweens and teens). Penny is 4 years old (her birthday is Sept 1, 2018). She is spayed, up to date on all her necessary shots and is healthy. She is of mixed breeds...beagle, border collie and certainly some others and weighs about 25-30 lbs.

She has grown up in the country with an "invisble" electric fence to keep her in the yard so she used to being able to run free . She is a very vocal dog especially when people visit or walk by the house so living in town could prove annoying for a new family and their neighbors. She is friendly with those she is close to and nervous around other people and animals. Though she has been around toddlers a bit she gets nervous around them and can easily overwhelm a small child.

She loves to sleep all night long in her kennel from which we often have to wake her up even at 10am. She is used to her people being around all day though she is fine left in our mudroom when we need to be gone for the day. Her kennel and any toys are included.

She is hyper and playful and loves walks. She loves to be outside barking at squirrels and deer but definitely loves curling up on the sofa too. Given her size she is definitely an indoor dog.

She does growl when people walk by her when she is eating but has never bit anyone. When she meets new people she barks and her hair raises on her back as if she is fierce but again she has never bit anyone and usually as the person approaches she hides behind her owner while still barking.

She is house trained of course and does her business in the bush that surrounds our house.

The only regular grooming she requires is nail trims which she hates so we try to have that done during regular vet check ups whenever possible.

Price includes Penny, kennel, toys, leash, food and adjustable black gate.

Extreme dog collar and transmitter available at extra cost.

We are commited to finding Penny a loving and well-suited home.

Please no emails, text only: 204-381-9488

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