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This house is located in WOODRIDGE, only a 30 MINUTE drive from STEINBACH.

This house has a woodstove, baseboard heating and space heaters as the buildings source of heat. My hydro bills averaged at about 250 a month in the winter without the woodstove. With the woodstove it could be a lot lower. Solar panels also help with the electricity bill and the system is designed to have additional panels put on, so it could save even more with a little bit of an investment.

This property features a huge garden, 2 garages, and 2 sheds. There are fruit bushes (black currants, wild grapes, gooseberries, cherries and wild strawberries) and a couple different varieties of mint growing. There is a lot of potential for growing many varieties of plants!

Recently a UV water disinfection system was installed with a filter, this will ensure that the water coming into the house is fully purified, all year round!

A rent to own agreement can be made with whoever is interested in the property. This arrangement can vary depending on when you want to purchase the house and how much you can pay per month. I am open to offers!

The windows in the bedroom do not meet egress.

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